Cut Resistant Gloves Anti-Cut Gloves Work Gloves Protective Finger Kitchen Wear-Resistant Safety Gloves Steel Wire

618 ₽
  • Производитель: Banggood


Описание и характеристики

Features:Anti-cutting grade: 5Wear Resistance Coefficient: Grade 3Tear Resistance Coefficient: Grade 4Cut-proof gloves are cut-proof, not stab-proof.Product performance: anti-cutting, anti-wear, anti-acid and alkali, anti-microwave, anti-staticThis product is a necessary protective glove for glass processing, petrochemical industry, smelting and mining, meat segmentation, metal processing, garbage sorting, disaster relief and rescue industries.Package Included:1 x PairCut Resistant GlovesDetail Pictures:

Обновлено: 11.08.2020

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