200g Hot Spring Pool Water Filter Balls Chamber Sand Pollutants High Temperature Resistance

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Описание и характеристики

Specification:Name: Pool Filter BallsMaterial: Polyester(Filter Ball)Color: WhiteSize(approx.): 45-50mmPerformance: Acid-resistance, high temperature-resistance, alkali-resistanceAdsorption rate: 98 (%)Anti-stress: 4(kgf)Density: 0.1(g/cm)Porosity: 86 (%)Wear rate: 1Hardness: 1Chemical composition: CHydrochloric acid soluble rate: 1 (%)Density: 1.38kg/mFilter speed: 25-30m/hFilling density: 60-80kg/kgPollution load: 6-15kg/mSpecific surface area: 3000㎡/mPorosity: 96%Application:- Suitable for any farming environment (seawater, fresh water can be,hot spring/ swimming pools / filter chamber also can be).- It can be used to filter sand and pollutants in pools. Their filtration results are more accurate because they can filter particles to a size of only 1.5 microns in the pool water. The use of filter balls can significantly improve the quality and hygiene of the pool.Features:1.Filter Balls has good water permeability and breathability.Does not contain toxic and harmful substances, will not affect the water quality.2.Durable and resistant to cleaning,can be reused, dirt can be washed.3.Next generation filter material for swimming pools, replaces sand.4.Excellent micro particle filtering.5.Filter Balls Made of polyethylene and machine washable.Work standards:* According to the amount of water and precipitation water turbidity to appropriately control the filtration rate, ensure the filtered water, if the water is too large, will affect the performance of fiber ball filter.* Ever

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